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Last Changed: January 31, 2004
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These poems are obscure philosophical jokes. An explanation is given at the end of the file.

Noam Chomsky once illustrated the concept of 'meaningless sentence' with a now famous example: "Colourless green ideas sleep furiously". This sentence is grammatically correct, contains only common English words, and yet has - according to Chomsky - no meaning whatsoever. Thinking about language and meaning one day, I decided that perhaps there was no such thing as a grammatically correct sentence without meaning. This thought reminded me of Chomsky's sentence, and I decided to write a piece of prose or verse where his sentence would have meaning. (I was thinking of a environmentalist whose ideas had turned to mere words, losing all their emotional power - but nevermind.) However, a quick search on the internet revealed that this project had already been completed! So instead, I turned to Russell's example of a meaningless sentence: "Quadruplicity drinks procrastination". The above is the result of a challenge distributed among some of my friends; more contributions are, however, welcome!